Research and innovation are core to our business. Our real world research provides breakthrough knowledge. Breakthrough knowledge that powers innovation, and enables us to deliver industry transforming products and services.

As industry professionals, we know where the big opportunities are. And, we have the agility and freedom, to move extremely quickly to develop and commercialise innovative products and services. For example:

  • FORESTALLTM real-time predictive maintenance solution developed to solve Newcrest’s Unearthed pump breakdown challenge
  • Our innovative PRODFINDERTM algorithms enable us to relate 3D spatial data to historical process/monitoring data – breaking down data silos, and enabling historical data to be used for operational optimisation projects e.g. Mine to Mill studies – PRODFINDERTM.
  • Digital x-ray tomography data used to develop LABYRINTH® – a new statistical method to quantify intact rock damage and conditioning (Provisional patent filed).

We continuously maintain our industry focus through industry funded research projects:

Through collaborative research partnerships we leverage our combined intellectual capital, to discover and create in new and exciting ways:

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