MAXTATM by PETRA® was built by engineers for engineers.

We understand how engineers work, and over the past four and half years have worked with hundreds of teams to ensure that our solution delivers the information required to help them with their job.

MAXTATM enables scalable digital transformation because it isn’t disruptive, and advanced AI is built into existing workflows and interfaces to help engineers make data informed designs, plans and decisions with minimal disruption. This enables mining companies to ‘cross the chasm’ from ‘early adopters’ to the ‘majority

‘Digital twin’ explained

To put it simply, digital twin models enable data informed simulation, optimisation and decision making.

The value lies within the ability to increase productivity and yield, by showing engineers and supervisors how they achieve their ‘best performance’, so they reproduce their ‘best performance’ 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

MAXTATM achieves fast to value implementation through investment in collaborative integration and leveraging of existing data platforms from across the mine value chain – from resource engineering through to processing plant set point optimisation.

It also features ore and slurry tracking libraries as a the result of more than four years intensive mathematical research and development. These libraries have been successfully applied to copper-gold porphyry, iron ore (haematite and magnetite) and epithermal gold operations around the world.

MAXTATM case studies range from; feeding back plant performance into geological models for dynamic scheduling and optimisation, through to digital twin drill and blast simulation, and processing plant set point optimisation.

Digital twin models learn optimal operating modes, as well as enable FORESTALL® machine and sensor health models.

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Leadership Team

Dr Penny Stewart
Principal & Managing Director

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Peter Johnson
Business Advisor

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Dr Zeljka Pokrajcic
Technical Director

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Professor Tim Napier-Munn
Associate Director

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