Geomet Webinar

PETRA is pleased to invite you to our next webinar focused on knowledge sharing around digital twin modelling for geometallurgy and materials handling.

Join us for FREE on May 21st or May 22nd for – Digital Twin Models for Geometallurgy and Materials Handling Indices, including a panel discussion and case study presentation.

Special Guests

  • Professor Peter Dowd, Professor of Mining Engineering at the University of Adelaide
  • James Carpenter, Previously Senior Resource Geologist at PanAust
  • Orlando Leiva Varas, Lead of Resource Development Planning at Anglo America (May 22nd)
  • Dr. Penny Stewart, PETRA CEO
  • Hosted by Leon Morgan – PETRA Head of Partnerships

The webinar will include a presentation of recent PETRA case studies of MAXTAGeomet and a panel discussion on using Digital Twin Models for Geometallurgy and Materials Handling Indices.

With special guests Professon Peter Dowd, University of Adelaide, Orlando Leiva Varas, Lead of Resource Development Planning at Anglo America, James Carpenter, Previously Senior Resource Geologist at PanAust and Dr. Penny Stewart, CEO of PETRA.

MAXTA digital twin models use historical and current data from the entire value chain to learn how geology affects downstream processes, creating a new paradigm for prediction, simulation and optimisation of blasting, loading, crushing, grinding and recovery.

About Professor Peter Dowd

Professor Peter Dowd has more than 40 years experience in academic research, teaching and administration and in consulting in mining. The context of much of this work has been the modelling and estimation of orebodies, often in very complex geological settings also the generation of three-dimensional orebody models as the basis for optimal mine design and scheduling; and the quantification of geological and technical risk associated with resource extraction. Peter has been cited as one of Australia’s 100 most influential engineers by the Institution of Engineers Australia and is Director of The Australian Research Council Industrial Transformation Training Centre for Integrated Operations for Complex Resources.

About Orlando Leiva Varas

Orlando is a Mine Engineer from Universidad de La Serena (Chile), with 25+ years of experience in open pit mining, as much in planning, operations and project development.

“In the engineering area I have been able to acquire solid knowledge of strategic, long and short term planning, mine design and scheduling, budgeting and cost control, geotechnical investigations, studies of mine fleet requirements and optimization of operational parameters. In the area of operations I have developed abilities in the handling of interpersonal relationships, team building and personnel´s performance management, besides the capacity to deliver production according to mine plans aligned with the values and policies of my employer.

In project development I had been exposed to deal with the most important engineering companies (such as Bechtel and Fluor), different stakeholder’s expectations and environmental regulations to construct new mine operations or expansions in different countries in South America, Australasia and USA.”

About Dr Penny Stewart

Dr Penny Stewart is a mining engineer and the founder and CEO of PETRA. Penny worked on mine sites for five years before obtaining her Queensland 1st Class Mine Managers’ Certificate of Competency. It was during her time working in the underground and open pit mines of WA that she learnt how geological uncertainty affects our ability to mine to plan.

This experience led her to study the mechanical behaviour of rock as part of her PhD studies at UQ’s Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre, where she developed her statistical analysis and modelling expertise at a time when most people were more interested in applying numerical modelling.  In 2015, Penny founded PETRA with the hypothesis that the engineering behaviour of rock throughout a mine is best estimated by feeding back 100s of millions of tonnes of actual mine performance data into engineering models and optimisations. Five years later Petra’s flagship product MAXTA does exactly that.

Free Webinar Details

Session 1 Europe and Africa
Date: Thursday May 21st 2020
Time: 4:30PM AEST

  • Australia – East 4:30pm, West 2:30pm
  • Europe – West 7:30am, Central 8:30am, East 9:30 am
  • Africa – Central 8:30am, East 9:30am

Session 2 North America and South America
Date: Friday May 22nd 2020
Time: 6:30AM AEST

  • Australia – East 6:30am, West 4:30am
  • North America – Pacific 1:30pm, Mountain 3:30pm, Central 3:30pm, Eastern 4:30 (Previous Day)
  • South America – Peru 3:30pm, Chili & Brazil 430pm, Argentina 5:30pm


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