Perth hosts PETRA Industry Panel

  • PETRA Industry Panel Perth
    PETRA Industry Panel Perth


Last week PETRA hosted an industry panel to discuss  how engineers and geologists are using digital twin technology.

Leon Morgan, Head of Partnerships and Growth for Western Australia hosted the event to give people a chance to get together, discuss and learn how engineers and geologists are using digital twin technology in Western Australian operations. 
A panel discussion on the topic was conducted, with panellists including  Mark O’Brien, General Manager Digital and Innovation at CITIC Pacific and GMG Chair, AI Working Group, Nadia Rom, Manager Data and Advanced Analytics at Fortescue Metals Group, Prof. Rob Solomon Manager Operational Analytics for Fortescue Metals Group and Dr Penny Stewart, PETRA CEO and Founder (via video link).
There was general agreement both from the panel, and through audience participation, of the potential of data to create value in mining. Rob Solomon and Mark O’Brien both referred to the AI Winters of the past, and that the difference is, we now have the computing power and systems required to realise the benefits of data and AI.
Penny Stewart provided context for the panel discussion by briefly presenting four case studies showing how MAXTA digital twin software is used by engineers and geologists to improve geometallurgical prediction in the block model (recovery, downtime and throughput), simulate drill and blast performance in variable geology to maximise crusher throughput, and optimise plant set points to maximise copper recovery. Please contact us if you would like more detailed information on these case studies. The presentation also included a demonstration showing how MAXTADrill&Blast digital twin simulation software is used to maximise crusher throughput.  You can request a demo by clikcing here.
PETRA Industry Panel Perth
PETRA Industry Panel Perth

Key takeaways from the discussion included:

  • Advice from Mark O’Brien to start small with the application of digital twins, succeed and then grow the capability.
  • Nadia Rom discussed the wide ranging definitions of ‘digital twins’, the cultural change required for organisations to be more data literate which is assisted by broad communication of the value of data across an organisation.
  • Rob Solomon commented that machine learning is one type of model, but there are plenty of other modelling methods, including those from operational research.
  • The audience expressed interest in solutions to handle data quality, and Penny Stewart explained how MAXTA software automates data veracity using a wide range of algorithms including AI and machine learning. 


Geology is at the centre of MAXTA digital twin software for mine-to-mill (pit-to-port) value chain optimisation, 

We were very pleased to welcome about sixty people to the event, and a very enjoyable social and networking session was had by all attendees, which included representatives of BHP, Fortescue Metals Group, South32, Newmont, Alcoa and more.
PETRA would like to thank all the panellists and attendees, and will look forward to hosting a similar event soon on the back of this great success.  Please contact us to schedule a MAXTA digital twin software demonstration, or see receive more details on digital twin mine-to-mill (pit-to-port) case studies.

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