PETRA secures ISO 27001:2022 cybersecurity certification

PETRA achieves ISO 27001 cybersecurity certification for digital Mine-to-Mill/Pit-to-Port software.

PETRA’s MAXTA suite of digital Mine-to-mill/Pit-to-Port decision support tools are the first and only digital mine to mill/pit-to-port optimisation solution on the market to achieve ISO 27001 certification.

Cybersecurity is one of the foundations of trusted partnerships and securing the mining industry from cyber threats is critical to securing global supply chains In the past year a series of mining companies are reported to have been the subject of cyber-attacks, including recent attacks on rare earth miners Northern Minerals and Iluka In January this year BHP, Anglo American, Antofagasta Minerals, Codelco and Collahuasi launched the Mining Cybersecurity Corporation with the aim to generate and share cyber-intelligence information for early warning and response. 

According to PETRA Data Science CEO, Dr Penny Stewart, “Mining operations will typically have invested between 100 million to 500 million dollars in orebody knowledge assets. Orebody knowledge assets are at increased risk when shared with third parties with inadequate information security management systems. And whilst mining companies have responded by tightening up cybersecurity requirements for third parties, it isn’t easy to retrospectively mandate requirements in response to continuously emerging threats and vulnerabilities. Encouragingly, suppliers are responding quickly to these threats with some including PETRA Data Science achieving the highest internationally recognised certification Achieving certification requires significant investment as well as ongoing commitment. ISO 27001 certification requires continuous improvement in how new and emerging threats and vulnerabilities are managed.

ISO 27001 certification refers to the certification of the Information Systems Management System (ISMS). The ISMS covers cybersecurity, physical security and business continuity planning whilst also providing the foundation for continuous improvement in response to new and evolving threats. Fortunately, those of us with operational mining experience can draw upon our experience with continuous improvement of occupational health and safety policies and procedures, together with trigger action response plans (TARP) to respond quickly to evolving threatsI have found a lot of parallels between managing evolving cybersecurity threats and my experience managing OH&S risks both in mining and geotechnical engineering.

Dr Stewart sees cybersecurity as one of the pillars of being a trusted technology partner to the mining industry, “Data security is just one of the pillars of a trustworthy technology provider.  Trustworthy technology providers also need to ensure the technical validity and accuracy of solutions, ethical human centred design, as well as reliable, high quality and responsive product support. 

As the world increasingly relies on AI-driven solutions, the need for trustworthy and secure technology has never been more pronounced.  

PETRA would also like to acknowledge the valuable support of our external partners Division 5, Compass Assurance Services, for their role in helping PETRA obtain ISO 27001 certification. 

BHP partners with leading mining companies in Chile to strengthen defense against cyber threats 

PETRA Data Science ISO Certificate

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