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Elevating Mining Excellence through Technology and Customer Success

Vancouver, BC – In the heart of Canada’s tech hub, Riley, a dedicated data scientist & support technician, is making waves in the mining industry through his expertise in ROCKRay drill sample augmentation, MAXTA – AI based mine value chain optimsation, and the seamless integration of artificial intelligence. In a recent interview, Riley sheds light on his passion for technological advancements and the fulfillment he finds in delivering customer success.


Q: Riley, could you tell us a bit about your background and how you found yourself in the mining technology field?

Riley: Absolutely. I’ve always been drawn to data analysis and the insights it can provide. I pursed degrees in Mathematics and Information Technology to propel forward my understanding of the concepts underpinning the field and my ability to implement solutions. I found the challenges and potential for innovation in mining particularly intriguing, and that’s where my journey began.


Q: Your recent work with ROCKRay drill sample augmentation has generated quite a buzz. Can you elaborate on its significance and the impact it can have on the mining process?

Riley: ROCKRay is a game-changer in the mining project risk management phase. Many rock tests can be costly both in money and time. ROCKRay utilises advanced machine learning algorithms to leverage your testing data to obtain much greater test coverage. Expanding what was hundreds of meters of tested core – to thousands.


Q: MAXTA mine value chain optimisation is another area where you’ve showcased expertise. What can you tell us about the role of MAXTA & AI in streamlining the mining process?

Riley: MAXTA is all about prediction and optimisation. It’s a comprehensive solution that can optimise the entire mining value chain – from the extraction point to the tailings dam. From my work on the product the key underpinning of its success is the material tracking process. The digital “remining” of previous years in the mine’s life allows for unique insights into the mine’s operation. By employing advanced machine learning, we can identify bottlenecks, reduce downtime, and ultimately enhance the overall productivity of mining operations. It’s about making the most out of every stage in the process.


Q: AI seems to be a recurring theme in your work. How does artificial intelligence contribute to the mining industry, and what excites you most about its potential?

Riley: Artificial intelligence is a bit of a buzz word now but for good reason, its impacting almost every industry with data. The mining industry is one such industry that has been building databases and now is the time to use them for more than their initial intent. We can use AI to analyse these datasets, predict downtimes and optimise processes in ways that were once unimaginable. Building on years of knowledge of the mining industry and using the data to add to this ever-growing knowledge in unique new ways.


Q: In your role as a data scientist/support technician, how do you see the connection between these technologies and delivering customer success?

Riley: Customer success is at the core of what we do. We can talk about the most cutting-edge technologies such as the latest AI system but if we aren’t focused on the customer’s success nobody benefits. Cutting-edge technologies like ROCKRay and MAXTA have so much value to our customers because they support them in the ways they need, wether it be to operate more efficiently, reduce costs or to gain a deeper understanding of their mine site, these products are tailored to their goal. Providing reliable support and ensuring our clients see tangible benefits from these innovations is incredibly rewarding.


Q: You’ve had the opportunity to work with industry leaders, including South32. What do you find most fulfilling about contributing to their success without mentioning specific names?

Riley: Working with industry leaders like South32 is a privilege. What’s most fulfilling is knowing that our technologies play a role in helping them overcome challenges, improve their processes, and contribute to the overall success of their operations. It’s about being part of a positive impact on the industry as a whole.

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