ISEE 2023 delegates still see fragmentation as the issue in drill & blast design

In the vibrant Gold Coast setting, our team recently participated in the ISEE 2023 conference, a gathering of drill & blast professionals. Armed with a passion for uncovering insights and addressing industry challenges, we embarked on a mission to engage with over 30 delegates, comprising drill and blast engineers and operations personnel.

Through a series of interviews, we posed pressing questions that delved into the intricacies of their roles and responsibilities. Central to our discussions were inquiries about the top considerations when determining drill and blast pattern specifications, the most significant frustrations experienced when a blast falls short of expectations, the aspects they most look forward to in their roles, and a candid appraisal of their current drill and blast software packages on a scale of one to ten.

The results proved not only enlightening but also remarkably relevant, providing a comprehensive snapshot of the industry’s dynamics and the multifaceted challenges faced by its dedicated professionals.


The results


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