MAXTA Integration Validation Services

PETRA provides services to validate any integration that customers or third parties may wish to enable using MAXTA data or results (User Data).  The purpose of this is to ensure the correct interpretation and treatment of the models generated by MAXTA and to avoid any errors or wrong interpretation of the models in downstream processes, systems or applications.  There are significant risks in misinterpretation of valuestenr generated by MAXTA for numerous reasons. 

PETRA provides this service in the interest of ensuring the highest quality outcomes for our customers, but does not take any responsibility for any action or results, including integration, calculation or data analysis, performed by a customer using MAXTA user data outside of the MAXTA product.  We have an interest in making the MAXTA product as valuable as possible to you, but cannot be responsible for any results generated by others, including third parties, using the models generated by MAXTA.  

PETRA is able to offer Integration Validation services to assist with these tasks due to our inherent understanding of the models, data and operation of the MAXTA implementations delivered to our customers.  Use of PETRA’s Integration Validation services is at the discretion of the customer. 

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