AUSIMM Tech Talk in hometown of Kalgoorlie

As part of AusIMM’s Tech Talk series, Dr Penny Stewart (Mining Engineer and Founder and CEO of PETRA) was delighted to give a talk on the use of machine learning for digital mine-to-mill and pit-to-port value chain optimisation at AusIMM Kalgoorlie branch on 22nd April.

Thanks @AusIMM Kalgoorlie Branch, to everyone who came to the event and a big thank you to Omesh Bharatiya and Christopher Gianatti for the invitation to present. 

Valuable insights were uncovered through a number of case studies highlighting the value of MAXTA and specifically how engineers and geologists are using machine learning for digital mine-to-mill and pit-to-port value chain optimisation. The event was attended by gold and nickel miners from the Kalgoorlie region as well as drill and blast experts Drew Martin Blast It Globgal and Scott Sullivan KCGM

The evening brought a cross disciplinary group of mining operations people from geology, drill &blast, mine planning and processing.

  • AUSIMM Kalgoorlie Tech Talk

Key Findings

  • MAXTADrill&Blast simulations can result in increased crusher throughput and 25-30% reduction in explosive costs by switching to ANFO.
  • Drill & blast optimisations can simultaneously maximise dig rate and crusher throughput whilst reducing blasting cost.
  • Accurate estimation of excavator digrate were shown to improve fleet efficiency through reduced under-trucking and over-trucking.

PETRA would like to thank all the organisers and attendees, we will look forward to presenting at similar event soon on the back of this great success.  Please contact us to schedule a MAXTA digital twin software demonstration, or see receive more details on digital twin mine-to-mill (pit-to-port) case studies.

For more events like this see the community engagement page at AusIMM Kalgoorlie Branch

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