Processing data collected by a laser scanner to provide fragmentation assessment within minutes

The Problem:

Mine Specifications

Mine Type: Open Cut Gold

Data type: Maptek XR3 scanner

No filtering required

FRAGx demo size bins (metres) : fines : 0.3 : 0.5 :1.0 : >1.0

The Solution:

FRAGx was used to process data collected by a Maptek laser scanner to provide fragmentation assessment within minutes. A combined scanning and processing time of less than ten minutes was achieved, allowing planners to understand the distribution of different size material in a blast and understand impacts on load and haul efficiency. FRAGx was trained to identify material that falls within a number of size classifications, allowing the automated reporting to align with the operating procedures and planning assumptions for performance parameters such as dig rates. The results also provided a fast, visually rich indication of blast performance across multiple rock types and zones within a given blast to allow blast engineers to confirm consistent blast fragmentation performance.

An image about FRAGx software

An image about FRAGx software


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