Digital twin models offer “transformative” opportunities for resource engineering

Last year PETRA recently ran a series of webinars on mine value chain optimisation using digital twin models.

The webinars focused on digital twin models for geometallurgy, materials handling performance and drill & blast optimisation. Industry experts and academics joined CEO Dr Penny Stewart for a panel discussion about data quality and implementation of digital twin models.

Dr Alan Alan Tordoir, Drill & Blast lead at AngloAmerican and Dr Sarma Kanchibotla, Director at Seshat Consulting joined PETRA CEO, Dr Penny Stewart from PETRA.

Before the panel discussion Dr Penny Stewart presented a short demonstration and case study on MAXTAGeomet and MAXTADrill&Blast. MAXTA digital twin models use data from the entire value chain to learn how geology affects downstream processes, creating a new paradigm for prediction, simulation and optimisation of blasting, loading, crushing, grinding and recovery.

Recordings of the webinars can be found below:



Webinar Series 1

Drill & Blast Optimisation Using Digital Twin Models 

Alan Tordoir, Lead Drill & Blast at Anglo American view linkedin

Dr Sarma S Kanchibotla Director Seshat Consulting view linkedin




Webinar Series 2

Digital Twin Models for Geometallurgy and Materials Handling Indices

Professor Peter Dowd Professor of Mining Engineering at the University of Adelaide view linkedin

James Carpenter Previously Senior Resource Geologist at PanAust view linkedin

Orlando Leiva Varas Lead of Resource Development Planning at Anglo America view linkedin


“I think that (that), is one of the most transformational aspects of all of this work for mining companies”

-Dr Carmen Letton Head of Resource Development Planning and Life of Asset Planning At Anglo America, speaking on how MAXTA Digital twin modelling allows you to look at the combinations for ore as they arrive at any point in the value chain (36:00 of webinar recording Geomet 2)





If you would like further information or wish to join or even speak at a PETRA webinar, please contact us anytime.


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