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Company Name: Petra Data Science Pty Ltd

Trading name: PETRA


Company Overview

We’re PETRA, a global leader in the implementation of mining software that leverages machine learning to optimise the mine value chain and make the most of mining data.

Our software and products are purpose-built for the mining industry by experienced mining professionals.

We use data quality management algorithms to automatically monitor data health whilst simultaneously adjusting decision support results and confidence ratings for low quality mining data.



We empower mining professionals to continuously improve and make better decisions by prioritising geological uncertainty.

We aim to minimise frustration for engineers who are required to design and plan with inputs that have a high level of variabilty.

Our key solution is our proprietary ore tracking which links operational performance to geology and provides robust inputs for engineering.



Products & Solutions


Ore Tracking

Our proprietary ore tracking is the fundamental key feature to our success. It allows companies to see geological variability as an opportunity for optimisation.

Ore tracking will link downstream productivity, efficiency and yield to the geological block model allowing platform agnostic simulations, predictions and optimisations to take place so that engineers can recreate their best day every day.


Value Chain Optimisation through Orebody Learning

Our operational decision support tools leverage existing engineering workflows for digital twin prediction, simulation and optimisation. The tools are maintained and supported by an in house, specialist development team.

MAXTA orebody learning applications learn optimal operating modes and show engineers how to achieve their best productivity- and operational performance.

MAXTA ore and slurry tracking libraries are the result of more than six years intensive mathematical research and development. These libraries have been successfully applied to copper-gold porphyry, iron ore (haematite and magnetite) and epithermal gold operations around the world.

MAXTA success stories are far reaching terms of value; highlights include:

• Feeding back of plant performance into geological models for dynamic scheduling and optimisation through to digital twin
• Drill and blast simulations
• Processing plant set point optimisation

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Predictive Maintenance

FORESTALL® machine and sensor health models maximise overall equipment efficiency (OEE) in mining operations, by providing online machine health and predictive maintenance solutions incorporating ore variability effects on OEE.

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Fragmentation Assessment

FRAGx® is purpose built for automated processing of low-quality laser scans. It provides fragmentation assessment for difficult to access mine operating environments.

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Augmented Rock Testing

ROCKRay® is the digital alternative to drill core sampling and testing. It capitalises on high volume geochemistry and logging data to make high accuracy predictions of geomechanical and geometallurgical parameters, such as UCS and BWi, along sections of drill core that have not been characterised.

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Our solutions achieve fast-to-value implementation through investment in collaborative integration APIs and by leveraging of existing data platforms across the mine value chain – from resource engineering through to dynamic plant set point optimisation.

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