FORESTALL® online predictive and prescriptive maintenance solutions to maximise overall equipment efficiency (OEE)

FORESTALL<sup>®</sup> online predictive and prescriptive maintenance solutions to maximise overall equipment efficiency (OEE)

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Unplanned downtime can be an expensive, dangerous and disruptive problem. Lost production can cost $20million per year, on average. Benefit from the best predictive services in a flexible package.

Predictive algorithms developed and proven for mining and oil & gas

Cloud based machine health & predictive maintenance product enabling breakdowns to be predicted in real time.

Platform agnostic health monitoring (automated anomaly analysis and reporting)

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The following FORESTALL services provide online and automated offline operational decision support solutions for machine health and predictive maintenance.

Machine Health

Online process using anomaly detection for simple, highly scalable low cost options for fixed assets.

Proven in the field for:
Motors, Drives, Conveyors, Mills & Crushers, Pumps

Downtime Prediction

Online process for upstream ore & slurry characterisation and advanced feature engineering.

Proven in the field for:
Valves, Elution Circuit Overflow, GEHO Pumps, SAG Mill Overload, HPGR

Predictive Maintenance

Planning algorithms for automated offline reporting.

Extend time between shutdowns and know how many hours your equipment has left.

Proven in the field for:
Valves, Pumps, Gear Boxes, Engines, Furnace Cooler Jacket Failues.

AI Labelling

Automate the validation and classification of work order details.

Enable tens of thousands of maintenance comments from skilled personnel to be included in the machine health and predictive maintenance models.

A system that considers ore characteristics

Off the shelf predictive maintenance solutions do not consider ore characteristics in predicting downtime.

FORESTALL considers ore characteristics such as fragmentation variability, hardness & moisture content which are proven to greatly affect the likelihood of unplanned downtime.

Connected & interoperable

FORESTALL is compatible with AVEVA OSIsoft PI through PI Systems Access to deliver warnings and alerts directly to the user control system.

Supporting growth

FORESTALL is a supported and maintained software solution that allows mining operations to scale across multiple sites globally.

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