ROCKRay fills in laboratory rock testing results along untested lengths of core

ROCKRay fills in laboratory rock testing results along untested lengths of core

Why ROCKRay?

A tool that’s simple yet powerful

Simply upload drill core data and receive packaged predictions in less than 8 hours and import into third party geology modelling software and databases.

Make the most of your resource

Use large volumes of existing drill core data and capitalise on the complex interactions within data to accurately predict laboratory results without sampling or analysis.

Create a better 3D orebody model & de-risk your project

Increase the core length available for geometallurgical and geomechanical 3D block modelling to mitigate factors such as low recovery and geotechnical problems.

Ensure greatest capital return for lowest operating cost

Discover a cost effective and accurate alternative to conventional methods for extrapolating drill core laboratory results.

Fully automated projections

For project geologists and engineers, ROCKRay is a machine learning solution that provides a low cost, timely and effective way of predicting rock properties along sections of drill core that have not undergone laboratory characterisation.

Reduce the need for extensive drill core sampling and time consuming laboratory tests

Turn hundreds of drill core test results to thousands of predictions along uncharacterised lengths of drill core

Simply upload drill core data and receive packaged predictions in less than 8 hours

Predict with limited drill core data

Only a small number of sample results are required to project properties along the remainder of the drill core, saving time and cost associated with sampling and laboratory test work.

Simply identify which ore property is of importance to the project team, provide drill core data and corresponding ore characterisation results (at least 100 points), then upload to ROCKRay and the automatic process will take care of the rest.

ROCKRay digitally merges measured rock properties with core data, to predict and project these rock properties along untested lengths of core using machine learning.

Several metres of rock testing results are turned into hundreds of metres of high accuracy rock property predictions along untested core.

ROCKRay will automatically generate complex algorithms that link drill core data (geochemistry, lithology etc) to ore properties of interest such as UCS, bulk density, recovery, BWi.

Bridge the gap in testing

Drill hole data is generated from routine drill core logging and geochemistry at regular intervals, about every meter along the drill core. This data usually rich in frequency and readily available.

Whereas other more specific data about the rock, such mechanical rock properties and metallurgical performance, are less common and require specific sampling and testing programs.

ROCKRay builds a bridge between these drill core data sets.

Remote access & deliverability

ROCKRay can be accessed via a secure user interface for easy upload of drill hole data and subsequent download of populated drill hole predictions.

Discover the value of ROCKRay

Engage machine learning to quickly and accurately capture ore variability.

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